Friday, 13 June 2014

In 1974, three world leaders were forced to step down. Their scandals weren't connected, but the three had one very strange, very specific thing in common: They had all been given exactly two pandas.

In 1976, the BBC ran a documentary called Very Important Pandas that pointed out this bizarre and quite frankly ridiculous coincidence. It starts with Richard Nixon, who was given two giant pandas by the Republic of China during a visit, because they didn't have time to buy him a box of chocolates and that was the first thing they found in the pantry. That was in 1972 -- Nixon Watergated his way out of the U.S. presidency two years later.

Via BBCIn retrospect, sending his clumsy pets to break into that office was kinda dumb.

Also in 1974, Edward Heath, the prime minister of Britain, quit his job following a series of miners' strikes in the same year. And what do you know, Heath had visited China months earlier and personally asked for two pandas.

Telegraph"Making demands, eh? Give him some extra cursed ones."

But anything can happen twice, right?

Well, next came Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who, besides being a freaking prince, was one of the founders of the World Wildlife Fund and the guy responsible for making pandas famous despite their biological incompetence. He was fired for getting involved in the Lockheed Corporation scandal -- the same scandal that caused the arrest of former Prime Minister Tanaka of Japan. Why "former"? Because he was given a pair of pandas in 1971 and resigned from office in -- you guessed it -- 1974.

Who's next?
Hmm.. what about CKMM..
The curse gonna repeat again?

 ridiculous coincidence?


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